Wednesday, 12 December 2012

This arctic chill calls for merry mulled wine & some toasty jammies!

I can’t quite believe how quickly Christmas has crept up upon us this year... each morning my Pooh Bear advent calendar (oh yes) breaks the news to me that I have one less sleep to go (with ALL my shopping still left to do!), softening the blow slightly with a miniature sweet chocolate surprise. I’m not in a state of panic though... it’s much more fun leaving it a little closer to the day I think, don’t you? I will never be one of those fun-sapping lunatics who buy stuff in the January sales as gifts for the following Christmas and has everything completely sorted before Halloween even hits us. I don’t think the word ‘Christmas’ should pass anyone’s lips until the first day of December. Everyday up until then it should be considered an obscenity. Like ‘Voldermort’.

Anyway – as that epic day draws ever closer, it seems to be getting a tad colder. By tad I mean a HELLUVALOT. Now, I’m used to not-so-distant broke student days where heating was an unnecessary luxury, and our landlord seemed to share similar views on double glazing (and the need for fire escapes, but that’s a story I’ll save for another day); however, I am beginning to feel a little bit chilly even when I’m tucked up in bed with a cosy double duvet wrapped around me. The fact that I tend to still wear shorts and vest tops probably doesn’t help matters. What can I say? I’m a summer baby. The season of winter has never managed to make much of a mark on my wardrobe. But seeing as it is VERY VERY cold, I should probably loosen the purse strings a little and buy myself a proper set of insulating jim-jams. But they have to look good too. Cue: PUNJAMMIES (UK peeps - unfortunately, they currently only ship to the US so I guess my short shorts will have to do for a little longer. Sorry people, these mishaps happen #firstworldproblems).

These special little jamas are created by equally special women in after-care facilities in India who have been rescued, released or escaped from a life of forced prostitution. Sadly, those who are lucky enough to escape this cruel trade are left with extremely bleak prospects since they cannot easily enter the education system, return to their families, or secure jobs to support themselves. This is why after-care centres are one of the best options to help these women rebuild their lives and create a positive and sustainable future. After essential quality medical care and education, the women are trained to sew, and more importantly learn the invaluable feeling of being independent and worthy, proud and strong. And slowly, day by day, she begins to trust again... not only in others, but herself too. That raw pain drifts further away, into a hazy pool of memories, and she starts to believe again that there is good in our world like she did once when she was little, when all of her dreams seemed possible and close. This restored hope is all thanks to the socially responsible vehicle that is PUNJAMMIES. It’s funny how a small, seemingly insignificant new opportunity like making pyjamas is all it takes.

Check out the beautiful fabrics, prints, and colours:

Prices from $25, and free shipping (in the US) for orders over $99. All images from

When one woman was asked about how her life has changed since working with PUNJAMMIES, she said, "In the brothels, I was alone. But now I have sisters." – It’s that money can’t buy feeling and sense of belonging... being part of a family, having a place, and knowing that somebody out there truly cares about you. It’s strange and comforting... our world can grow and advance and change unrecognisably so in the years to come, but when all is said and done, it’s those little kind things that all of our hearts are seeking. It’s all we want. And it’s all that we need.

‘Every pair of PUNJAMMIES tells the story of a woman who was, once, voiceless. When you buy her PUNJAMMIES, you are a key part of her path, out of modern-day slavery, into a life of hope, dignity and freedom.’

Wear PUNJAMMIES. Wear hope.

p.s I recently wrote an article for a new online fashion magazine called CT - about Selfridges' ‘Not Your Usual Christmas’ Campaign led by Bruce Weber, which is all about the spirit of giving something to somebody this year who has maybe never truly experienced the joy of Christmas. You can find it and read it at (pages 10-15) + check out lots of other fashion goodness from upcoming young talent in the industry. 

Thank you so much to all of you still reading! x x x x x