Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Green Room

In the summer of 2010, ASOSthe online fashion store that annihilates my overdraft every few months without fail - severely soared in my estimations when they unveiled The Green Room – a section solely dedicated to showcasing the hottest labels in sustainable fashion.

Sometimes, I think it’s extremely difficult not to view the fashion industry as jaded when looking at it as an outsider. Numerous cases of high street retailers’ sweatshop environments are continually presented to us, along with ever-alarming stats about what the effect of garment production is actually having on our planet (for those cynics out there who believe that global warming is just an urban myth: I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW YOU CAN BE SO MORONICALLY OBLIVIOUS! Last week we had two weeks straight of pouring rain, followed by two weeks of intense sunshine. It’s hot, then it’s cold, then it’s a damn sauna again. It worries me that one day I'll be walking down the road and the world might just explode). Rarely is the industry that I have chosen to immerse myself in depicted in a positive light, mainly because ultimately it centres entirely on image. Looking good is the most important thing, the only thing that seemingly matters, and more often than not, nothing else is even a consideration. So many people simply either do not care, or do not want to begin to think about how the clothes on their backs actually ended up there. But I think things are slowly beginning to change, and most certainly for the better. Because the truth is, that it really does matter. It all does. What we choose to sit back and accept, what we choose to stand up and fight for, what we as people succeed in changing - it all matters. Never underestimate the power that you and your choices have to truly make a difference.

So back to The Green Room – ASOS’s platform dedicated to collections with an ethical or eco-conscious story to tell. There is a mixed bag to be found of environmentally friendly textiles, and the supporting of fair trade principles and traditional craftsmanship; plus, a range of Made in the UK pieces supporting our local manufacturers. Labels include the likes of the fairly well-known People Tree, the ASOS Africa collection which is produced in Kenya, up-coming Sri Lankan lingerie brand Charini, and Ali Hewson & Bono’s contemporary & well-crafted line Edun. And let me tell you (more of a warning actually) there are sooooo many beautiful pieces to be found in The Green Room that you will fall head over heels for. Here’s a little of what’s rocking my little polka-dot socks right now:

Shop online right now here, and find out more about these lovely green labels too. 

The Green Room proudly stands for style with a heart.

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