Friday, 20 April 2012


CHANGE is just an OUTFIT away…

London Fashion Week saw the addition of a brand spanking new, and green, event on its schedule this year, in the shape of THE GOOD FASHION SHOW – dedicated to showcasing some of the best sustainable & ethical designers of the moment. As I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you, the past few decades has seen the fashion cycle accelerate with price tags plummeting, and us shoppers adapting accordingly. We’ve slowly fallen into bad (junk food-like) habits where we buy more, and love these purchases less. Our wardrobes are all full of clothes that we don’t wear/don’t like anymore/didn’t even really like in the shops but thought we’d have it anyway as it was only £5… But, I believe that many of us have had more than enough of this throwaway culture, and are ready to begin buying smarter once more. And what better way to do this than by ensuring our purchases also have a positive impact on other people as well as our planet?

Within this jam-packed with goodness, eco-ethical fashion emporium, there were a few names that stood out for me personally, including Fashion ComPassion – who work with ethical brands from Asia, Africa & The Middle East in providing jobs and sustainable livings for local people, and had some rather lovely purses on offer (my little eyes are mesmerised by the beautiful sunshine yellow clutch embroidered with a tree of life); Nina Bloom, for her unique upcycled handbags made from… old billboards (you read that right); and not forgetting the Southampton based lingerie company ‘Who Made Your Pants’ – who firmly stand for two things: amazing pants (made from end of season fabric rolls that would otherwise end up on the scrap heap), along with amazing women (who get to work in rather pleasant working conditions, NO sweatshops allowed). I really do believe them when they tell me that pants can change the world. Who knew smalls could be so BIG?

I NEED THIS CLUTCH IN MY LIFE! it's sooooo pretty
(all my favourite picks seem to be bags/purses of some kind?! TOO MANY BAGS, TOO MANY MANY BAGS...)
Uber stylish bags made from old billboards
Pants + Chocolate Gift set. What more could a girl possibly ask for?

The concept of this off-schedule event challenged the corporate machine that is London Fashion Week, proving that everyone can be stylish while keeping their heart firmly intact, and spreading a bit of joy into the world and lives of the people who need it most.

So the moral of the story here ladies? Buy less. And LOVE a whole lot more. 

And make sure you know just who made your pants… 

p.s.  I know this post is a little more than late, but as I didn't get around to covering this event at the time in question, I decided to post about it now, and give you 3 great fashion companies for the price of one today (I know, I'm awesome like that)

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