Wednesday, 11 April 2012


[RE]FRESH is a fashion coalition, home to St Louis, whose mission is to use fashion to support the programs of the nearby Foster & Adoptive Care non-profit agency, which strives to create permanency in foster children’s lives.

Started in 2011, [RE]FRESH is a unique retail environment where locals can browse, donate, volunteer, and have a great shopping experience in a different environment to the run-of-the-mill high street. It prides itself on not simply being a store, but a community gathering place to have fun with friends, where the indulgent act of retail therapy is also contributing to a good cause. It’s firm proof of what I’m always banging on about – helping others can be, and IS, a lot of FUN, and it’s quite fashionable too.

Their ethos is similar to that of a charity shop, but differs with the younger market demographic it’s aiming at (mostly teens and twenties) which is a refreshing change; and is cleverly exposing the younger generation to the idea of charity and looking to make more informed decisions where shopping is concerned. And like Oxfam over here, [RE]FRESH consistently follow the ever-changing trends going on in the industry that teens & tweens like to follow, and offer affordable yet on-trend alternatives to the high street. When you’re that age, it seems important to fit in and be a part of a ‘cool’ group, so paying attention to trends such as 2 strappin’ it are deemed necessary (I don’t like to admit it, but I myself went through this phase of jumping on the band wagon too -  I think we all do at some point). Unfortunately, I’m unable to fly over and check out the store, but I’ve had a nosey on the website and a lot of the clothes that are on sale look great, and are absolute bargains! There are some really pretty dresses, outfits put together according to trend looks, eveningwear, shoes and accessories…

Current donations that are needed include:  Gowns and formal wear for special events like Homecoming (that we here in the UK generally don’t understand what the fuss is all about); gentlemen’s suits, ties, and other formal wear; and shoes and accessories to match those gowns and suits. But [RE]FRESH are always looking for clothes and accessories for the teen/twenties age group to be donated; so if you’ve got lots in your wardrobe you hardly wear/don’t like/can’t even get over your head anymore + you happen to reside in the St Louis area, then stroll on down to the store!

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