Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ivanka Trump's Girl Power for GirlUp

Just a couple of days ago, Donald Trump’s stunner of a daughter, Ivanka, debuted her 2012 fashion line at Lord & Taylor in New York City. 

Ivanka was said to be positively beaming moments before her line was unveiled. Not only did she display apparel, but also a number of other collections that she has designed including jewellery, shoes and handbags. Well, she is a Trump after all – monumental business empires are always on the agenda...

The ready-to-wear collection sports reasonably priced staple pieces that make great additions to any ladies wardrobe - Scarf-print dresses, ponte knit capri pants, soft cardigans, patterned skirts, and more—each priced at under $200. I wanted to build a strong and sustainable collection that is not overly trend-conscious,” Trump explained before the launch. “I wanted timeless glamour.”

You can take a look at the complete collections here.

Having worked in partnership with the United Nations ‘GirlUp’ foundation before, Ivanka decided to continue her support and donate 10% of all sales on the night to benefit the campaign. Air high fives to you lady; loving your style.

Girl Up is a campaign that aims to give girls the opportunity to become global leaders and channel their energy and compassion to raise awareness and funds for United Nations programs that help some of the world’s hardest-to-reach adolescent girls. Girl Up envisions a world where all girls around the world, have the opportunity to become educated, healthy, safe, counted and positioned to be the next generation of leaders.

Take a look at the Girlafesto:

You can visit the website to find out more, and to sign the pledge to unite for girls (guys – this is still something that you can all get involved in too, and follow Nigel Barker’s lead by giving a high 5!)

I feel like there’s a definite gap for a campaign such as this over here in the UK. Every time I discover a great organisation like this, it always ends up being based in or centred around America and its population. There are so many girls over here, and throughout the world, who I think would benefit so much from a little bit of support or a small confidence boost in their lives. It's like having a big sister, without the cat fights arising. I for one would’ve treasured an opportunity to be a part of something as inspiring as GirlUp, and to be a part of helping a fellow girl who finds herself currently in the position that I was struggling in all those years ago while growing up. She may look different, and talk different, but she is like me. She is a girl.
I really hope to start some kind of similar initiative over here because I believe it is extremely important for us girls to support each other and offer our hands to help others up. It is very true that when united together we are a much stronger force to be reckoned with. Together, we can, and we WILL change our world. 

In the words of Emma, Mel B, Victoria, Mel C and Geri... 


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  1. Fantastic idea, we need more idea like that, so we can help more, making an impact .
    thk for that
    Annamaria B
    London Uk