Saturday, 21 April 2012

Levi's WaterLess Jeans are saving lives

Levi’s has recently partnered up with on an epic mission aiming to help over 1 billion people in the world who lack access to clean water. 

Levi’s new Water<Less products reduce the use of water in the finishing process by up to a staggering 96%. They’ve already made more than 13 million Water<Less™ products and saved over 172 million litres of water, and they promise that this is just the beginning. ‘Use less and give more’ is the brands new mantra. So far, Levi’s & have given 3641 people clean water FOR LIFE.

This is something that I, probably along with many of you, take for granted in my life. ‘I thought it just comes with the house....?’ No, no, it certainly doesn’t. Being able to turn on the tap whenever I want and for as long as I want, and have fresh ready-to-drink h2o come flooding out, is actually a daily blessing that gets overlooked by the majority of us. Imagine going a day without being able to do that easily? No brushing your teeth, no shower, nothing to drink. It would be hard, wouldn’t it? Now do one more thing for me - imagine living your entire life like this.

I’m finding it difficult to comprehend what the lives of people who don’t have this luxury must be like. Access to clean water is a fundamentally basic human need, and to know that there are more than one billion people living alongside us in this world without that is unacceptable and makes me feel sick to the very core. Life is hard enough with the hands it chooses to deal us, without an unnecessary daily struggle just to keep yourself alive. That’s not living. No one should have to exist like that. And what makes it even worse is knowing that there is more than enough water to go around for everybody, and there’s also enough wealth for no one to be living in poverty. It’s simply not ok... 
As I’m sitting here writing this, I’m struggling to stop my eyes from welling up, because... well, it’s not right. We have a duty as people here on this earth to help our fellow men, women & children when they need us; just like we would hope they would do the same for us if the roles were reversed. It makes you think... I mean, you could be successful, find wealth, realise all of your dreams... but all of that is simply meaningless. Have you really lived a good life? Have you left this world a better place because of your existence in it? Did you use your life and your power to truly make a difference? Because I promise you one thing – all there really is in the end, is two things: Love and Kindness. That’s all there is. And know, that these two things change everything.

You too can be a part of this life-changing campaign to bring clean water supplies to people all around the world, help the cause, and win yourself a pair of Water<Less jeans by clicking here. You can also shop for Levi’s Water<Less jeans right now. Get some hot new denim in your life, and change someone else’s in the process

Levi’s are also asking us to think about our own water consumption once a pair of their jeans are in our hands. By using water more wisely – say, washing your jeans in cold water and only when necessary – we can continue to make huge positive changes. Apparently, if we all washed our Water<Less jeans once a week instead of twice, we could collectively save a whopping 858,400,400 litres of water
That’s incredible. 

Fashion is not only changing, but saving lives

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