Tuesday, 20 March 2012

50% off @ Oxfam online

Ted Baker, Farhi, French Connection and Lipsy are just a few of the labels that you can find for a fraction of their high street prices, on the online Oxfam shop. AND for a short while only, Oxfam are having a special ‘50% off selected women’s clothing’ on their website, so they’re definitely worth a peek right now. Go on; get some VINTAGE GOODNESS in your life @ Oxfam online 50% off 

Most items are about £5 to £20 – very reasonable + you get the added bonus of knowing that you are contributing to a great cause, and making a difference to someone, somewhere in this world, who could really do with a little help right now.

I have always personally been a fan of the second hand business, because I love the fact that my clothes are coming with a hidden background story that I can spend endless hours speculating about. When I was about 15, I used to volunteer on Saturdays in my local St Michael’s Hospice charity shop, and I’d find myself sorting through new donations, and thinking about this a lot. Like - who was it that wore this cosy red Chicago Bulls jumper before me? I presumed that it was a guy, who perhaps visited America long ago and was taken by friends to his first basketball game, and decided to get involved and support a team, despite not really being bothered either way. But maybe it has been passed down from person to person before it even ended up in my hands? Where else did that jumper travel to? Who knows? Like I said, I do like to think about it... Were they kind? What was their name? What did they do for a living? Do they have kids? Are they still alive now? Did they live a full and happy life? It’s nice to think about. And being the eternal optimist that I am, I always imagine them happy and content, or at least they are in that very moment while I’m thinking of them. 

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