Wednesday, 21 March 2012

i love it when you FLEX like that...

‘Our watches don’t just tell time, they tell stories.’ 

Taking inspiration from the charity wristband trend that blew up a while back and has been going strong since, FLEX have gone one step further with their slightly chunkier ‘wristbands’ that also neatly tell you the time.

The FLEX brand works on the 10-10-10 standard – that is, 10 colours, 10 charities, and 10% of profits donated. From the 10 bright coloured watches available to choose from, each colour represents a different charity, allowing you guys to support the cause that means the most to you. These eye-popping products aim to raise awareness, while also being a fun and inexpensive fashion statement. They’re particularly great if you’re one of those sorts whose a little afraid of the paint box (and tend to stick to your safe palette of neutrals) but want to breathe a little bit of bright into your life in preparation for summer :D 

So whether you decide to go YELLOW for Parkinson’s, PINK for Keep A Breast, or BLUE for The Living Memoir (to name just a few) 10% of all the net profits are distributed evenly between all of the 10 participating charities. And get this - the watch faces and wrist bands are also all INTERCHANGEABLE, so there are oh-so-many possible colour combinations that you can experiment with, to suit your outfit/mood. Watches are a steal at just $30 a piece, so I would JUMP on that.

You can go to FLEX right now and buy yourself one here:

p.s just a quick declaration of love to all of my skimmers/readers/followers/lovers out there – my page views officially broke 1000 yesterday which is FANTABULOUSLY EXCITING news (to me at least)! This may be small compared to many of you experienced bloggers out there, but it feels like a small victory to me. And you know it’s all the small victories that matter, because they have the potential to someday amount to something BIG. 

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