Monday, 26 March 2012

NBA on eBay charity auction for St Jude's

CALLING ALL BBALL FANS: St Jude’s Children’s hospital has teamed up with some of the NBA’s biggest stars in a charity auction launch on eBay.

The merchandise up for grabs includes signed photos, jerseys, basketballs and even SHOES (let’s hope they were cleaned after the fourth quarter); with names like Dwight Howard, OJ Mayo, Dwyane Wade and the epic Kobe Bryant putting pen to fabric and supporting this great charity. I’m sure the likes of Kobe will be able to entice people to be generous with their hard earned dollars – it is all in aid of a great cause after all. 

St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital has been on a great mission for 50 years now to advance cures, and means of prevention, for paediatric catastrophic diseases through much needed research and treatment. Their founder, Danny Thomas, envisioned a world where no child would ever be denied treatment based on race, religion, or a family’s ability to pay; and so this continues to be practised by St Jude’s. Their aim is to be the number one world leader in their field by providing outstanding patient care, research and treatment, thereby hoping to cure and enhance the quality of life for an increasing proportion of children who come to them. 

St Jude’s also have a ‘Child Life Programme’ where activities centre around art, words and play in an attempt to encourage patients to express themselves in a creative manner. For example, one activity featured canvases with the large lettered words ‘mad, scared, happy and excited’ and the patients created artwork based on how those words made them feel. Other patients perform original songs or tunes and convey their feelings to music... it’s really up to each individual, as it’s about them finding the best way to connect with their feelings on a deeper level, and having an outlet for those feelings. 

‘It’s so important for the kids to express themselves because being here is so different from their normal environment Child Life specialist Jessica Goddard.

How sweet are they? I love how something as simple as drawing can make a child's entire face light up... I feel like we tend to forget that feeling as we grow up... the simple act of randomly putting a pencil to paper still makes me really happy, so I try to make time for it now and then. It's a great release, and a stress buster too... give it a go, and free the 12 year old kid that's still somewhere there trapped inside you!

And make sure you check out the St Jude's NBA charity eBay auction, it's definitely worth a closer look, and there are some TIP TOP gifts for anyone you know who's a nutty basketball fan (like my little bro, but unfortunately my student overdraft cannot take any more strain, so he won't be benefitting from this auction today - sorryyyyyyy!)

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