Thursday, 1 March 2012

And it was All Yellow...

Pinch, Punch, happy first of the spring month guys & dolls.

ATTENTION: SAVE THE DATE! Tomorrow, March 2nd, is the official ‘Wear Something Yellow to work’ day – part of the Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal which runs for the duration of March. I am a little bit late in mentioning this, I know, I am sorry, BUT, no need to fret if tomorrow is too short notice for you to pull something fantabulous & sunshine-like together – because you can organise your yellow office/school/uni day ANY day in March.

With the beginning of March each new year, Marie Curie launches the Great Daffodil Appeal in a bid to get all of you out there to wear one of their lovely daffodil pins (a fine accessory in my humble opinion) in support of their nurses, and to raise money to help provide even more free care to people with terminal cancer and other illnesses.  

So here’s how it works:

  1. Everyone rocks up on the day in something yellow. If this scares you slightly, don’t worry! A pair of yellow socks or a simple t-shirt will do just fine. For those of you who love yellow (like meeee) you can go all out in a statement colour block, or even rock the fancy dress ‘banana’ look. Here's an idea - why not pop in to your local charity shop to see what yellow goodness you can find?
  2. The idea is that everyone who does decide to participate in the yellow day donates £2 to the appeal, gets to be part of brightening up the world a little, and raises a healthy chunk of dough for a charity that makes such a difference to so many people in the country. 
  3. Anyone who boycotts yellow day: Penalty donation (I reckon at least a fiver) + they have to do some kind of crazy forfeit thought up by all the rest of you sunshine spreaders!

"I’m wearing a daffodil for my mum. I know from my own experience what a difference Marie Curie Nurses can make, not just to the patient but to their families... It is so important to know your loved one is receiving the best possible care in their last days.”

Alison Steadman, Marie Curie Cancer Care supporter

You can read up in detail about the appeal and Marie Curie AND request your own box of pretty daffodil pins @
You can visit the Great Daffodil Appeal Shop today, here: and get yourself something sunny to lead the way into spring, which is most certainly upon us (not a moment too soon either, that’s for sure). 

Here are a few pieces that caught my eye:
why not go as a 'hidden chicken'?

yellow face paint - always handy
as spring dawns, the flowers are in bloom, and this cute garden apron will get you ready to step outside

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