Tuesday, 28 February 2012

'Bling' - a blessing for charities?

Jessica Mindich, a former lawyer and mother of two, came up with one of a kind company ‘Jewelry for a Cause’ back in 2008. The company’s ethos surrounds the idea that purchasing jewellery can be guilt free, and can come complete with the added bonus of completing an act of kindness. To do this, Jessica designs eye-catching pieces including necklaces, bracelets and earrings, all of which can be purchased on line, and she made a commitment to donate 20% of the proceeds from many of the lines to charities of the customers’ choice. 

She has also designed fairly inexpensive and wearable pieces as part of ‘charity kits’ which can be purchased by schools and other charities, and used to sell and raise money for their own needs and causes – great for when you’re just so sick of baking, and inevitably scoffing, cake... 

The unique company has, to date, raised over $300,000 for around 300 schools and charities. And just think – that’s the result of people going shopping, but shopping wisely and therefore making informed choices. 

All of the pieces and DIY kits can be found here: http://www.jewelryforacause.net/ all of which make great and thoughtful gifts, for someone special or just for you because you’re THE BOMB too. One of my favourites is the blue Buddha talisman, which symbolises compassion and healing, and 20% of the profits go to www.dosomething.org

But Jessica didn’t stop there. Oh no. Realising that there was still more she could do with her talent and eye for style, she launched sister company ‘Glam for Good’, which offers diamonds and other precious stones as a fundraising tool for not-for-profit organisations. Since the launch last year – ‘Glam for Good’s 100-carat sapphire necklace was auctioned off the neck of Chyler Leigh at the Thirst Project gala in Beverly Hills, generating enough money to build a well in Swaziland where the clean water crisis is at its peak.’

A number of pieces can be seen and ordered on her website @ http://www.glamforgood.com/index.html the earrings in particular are absolutely stunning, very vibrant and unique, and will definitely be going on the ‘in my dreams’ birthday list. Well, a girl can dream can’t she? 

‘With Glam for Good, Jessica found a way to make “bling” a blessing for charities all around the world.’
Both of these great companies see luxury being redefined for present times; and open our eyes to the fact that we can have our cake and eat it too (sorry for all the references to cake, I think I must be missing it slightly). As Jessica succinctly puts it, ‘Doing good needs to be more a part of the fabric of daily life.’

Smart cookie.

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