Friday, 10 February 2012

Tibi fashions headscarves for teens with cancer

New York Fashion House ‘Tibi’ is putting its spare end-of-roll & excess material into creating fashionable headscarves for patients in the Paediatric Cancer Centre at Memorial Sloan Kettering. The contemporary clothing brand, owned by Amy Smilovic, has joined forces with Greenwich High School’s Sewing Club to help create the pieces; and the 10 students involved have managed to generate an incredible 400 scarves between them!

Founder and designer Amy has come to realise the sheer amount of fabric that is wasted by the majority of fashion companies each season, and decided to recycle that waste into new products. Students are involved in the complete process of manufacturing the scarves from beginning to end; and it’s great that they’re aware from a young age of the problems associated with waste in the fashion industry today, and how this negative can be turned around into something extremely positive.

The scarves offer a great fashionable alternative to the typical headscarves available to teens under-going cancer treatments.
Most of the handcrafted MSK scarves are donated to the Centre, a handful of styles are sold online or in-store to raise funds for the organization. 

You can check out Tibi’s website (and get one of these lovely scarves) @ WARNING: THIS WEBSITE DISPLAYS LOTS & LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES, and clicking on this link may result in the parting of you with your precious earned money; I outwardly DENY that this is based on personal experience...

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