Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sparkle inside & out with Moonshined Designs

Since embarking on this blog, I have found that the discovering of one brand or organisation often leads to the uncovering of several more, and this process continues – resulting in me having endless amounts of fashionable goodness to keep you in the loop about. Today, it is a high quality jewellery company called ‘Moonshined Designs’.

Designer and owner Cate Reubenstein promotes her company with the promise of all pieces being handmade, ensuring an ‘Old-World/European tradition of very high craftsmanship’. Another fundamental factor is that quality is ensured, and is of an extremely high standard; and Cate only ever uses Sterling silver and pure gold – none of that cheap stuff that leaves you with embarrassing green marks... She says, ‘I am designing things to last’. What do you have to say about that Primark? What’s that – nothing? Yeah, I thought so. 

All of Cate’s designs have a refreshing simplicity to them, and are made from only the purest minerals. Every single detail of every piece has been carefully considered, and crafted with care. The website allows you to shop by colour, material, and gemstone – of which there is an abundance to choose from; and don’t worry lads – you haven’t been forgotten - there are a number of unisex pieces on offer too. And once you click on a piece you’re particularly interested in, a set of details appears, which feel like a personal note from Cate to you about the piece you might buy, as well as a list of ‘superpowers’ that each material of stone holds for the wearer. It’s those little touches that make a purchase feel special, and make you feel special, as you should. 

  Not to worry if you can’t find something to suit your needs, because Moonshined also offers a bespoke service where you can discuss any particular needs you might have with Cate, who welcomes custom orders and aims to please you! And that’s not the best part: A portion of all sales is donated, and benefits either Marine Animal Rescue or Breast Cancer Research (depending on your preference). I like this girl more and more by the minute.

Regarding her personal philosophy Cate says, ‘I probably don’t need to tell you that when you look good, you feel good.  Or that true beauty comes from within. But I wish you much beauty in all realms of your life; increased faith in whatever sustains you, and the power and courage to be your best self. I hope my designs help, and if not my designs, then just the thought behind them’. 

You can head straight over to the website here: 

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