Sunday, 12 February 2012

FAIR Girls Jewellery

FAIR Girls, an international based non-profit organisation, was set up to empower girls all over the world to stay safe or overcome exploitation. The organisation administers empowerment programs that help girls to avoid and escape situations of commercial sexual exploitation and labour trafficking. In 2010 alone, FAIR cared for more than 200 girl survivors worldwide, and over 3,000 high school teen girls and boys learned how to keep themselves safe from forced labour and sex trafficking. 

FAIR stands for Free, Aware, Inspired & Restored; and this is what is hoped for the girls that are helped. I believe that every single girl in our world should have the opportunity to a life filled with happiness and health and love. The thought of so many girls having this taken away from them at such a young age deeply saddens me, and brings heaviness to my heart. The next time that I collapse in stitches of laughter about something or other, I’ll make a point of sparing a thought for those who aren’t a fraction as fortunate or blessed as I am.

There is one way that we all can help, and this is through the FAIR Girls signature program, JewelGirls; in which young girl survivors come together in empowerment workshops and learn how to make and sell their own handcrafted pieces of jewellery. These beautiful and very affordable pieces can be bought @ and are perfect as a unique gift for someone, including yourself :o) and an amazing 100% of the profits go toward the individual girl survivor and her program; making them an entirely guilt-free purchase! You’ll only feel great knowing that you’re contributing in an extremely positive way to someone else’s life... 

You can read more about FAIR right here -

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