Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Colour Run

If you don’t live in America, you may never have heard of the madness that is ‘THE COLOUR RUN’. So here are the details:

1.       All participants begin the race in pristine white t-shirts (preferably the kind of sparkling unachievable white of the washing on Daz commercials)
2.       The race is 5km in length, and at each kilometre milestone, all participants are sprayed with a different colour (a special ‘elf made’ recipe of magical dust which is completely safe and also very top secret). For example:  1k is yellow, 2k is blue, 3k is green, 4k is pink, and the 5k finish is a “Colour Extravaganza.”  As the runners/walkers hit the kilometre colour zone, they are blitzed by volunteers, sponsors, and staff with colour! It’s Paint by People...
3.       The run can be completed by marathon runners as well as those who are as fit as a sack of potatoes (like me), and you can do as few kilometres as you choose, but the more you complete the more colours you will receive.
4.       All participants cross the finish line looking like a giant bag of skittles just exploded on them; and your old top will have transformed itself into a new, sexy and unique t-shirt that will forever remind you of this fabulous day. Who needs shopping?
5.       Be honest – you know it looks like ridiculous bags of fun!

If you do happen to be travelling to America sometime this year, you can sign up here: and it only costs around $35 to register, which goes to the specific charity that is partnering each location. And why stop there? Get a sponsorship form together, and pledge that you will run the entire 5km in return for more donations from friends and family. Or even better, get everyone you know to sign up to the run!

Not going to America in the near future? Why not set your own COLOUR RUN up where you live?

Charity is officially FUN. Share this with EVERYONE.

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