Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I'm The Girl With The White Balloon

 Welcome to my blog :o)

I'm Shani, and I'm The Girl with The White Balloon
I study Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent, and am also on the RaG (Raising and Giving) Committee.
Both of these things are close to my heart...
And thus 'The White Balloon' was given life.

The White Balloon aims to raise awareness of how the fashion industry can have a huge positive impact on charity. A lot of campaigns, past & present, have raised huge amounts of money for great causes, but I feel that so much more can be done. After all, fashion is the second biggest industry in the world (second only to food & drink) and is therefore extremely powerful and influential.
In this blog I shall be posting anything and everything that is going on in the fashion world that is related to charity and raising money, and helping people in less fortunate positions than myself. I hope to encourage you all to get involved too, because, well... it's extremely rewarding knowing that you've made a difference to someone's life; and also - it's SO MUCH FUN!
The White Balloon campaign is part of my final fashion degree project, but also something I believe has longevity and the strength to continue long after graduation. The garments that I will be making as part of 'The White Balloon' brand will be sold with a percentage of the profits going directly to charity; something which I will continue to do with each new collection that I design. I think that one of the main problems in our world today is that people are greedy. And that's just not how I choose to live my life. I believe that what you give, you will get back, in the most unexpected ways!

The charities that I shall be supporting this year (as part of the Trent RaG committee) are:
When You Wish Upon A Star, Nottingham Hospitals, and World Child Cancer.
I will be putting on an event this year which will launch 'The White Balloon' and all the proceeds from this (along with any welcome donations!) and my collection will be donated to these three amazing charities.

I look forward to a world where fashion isn't viewed as unnecessary, a waste of time, or a fake dream land that some of us choose to live in due to the fact that we lack sufficient brain cells to do anything 'worthwhile' with our lives. If you have clothes on your back, then you are a part of it, so don't judge. Fashion makes you feel good, and it allows you to express yourself without the need of words. It's creative, and fulfilling, and it can also be used to raise A LOT of money for a lot of people. This is why I choose fashion.

I want to change the world someday.
And I believe someday is today.

What is your dream?

'Cos this is mine.

I hope you all enjoy reading...


  1. Wow, This blog rocks - i wish your dreams come true Shani and even if they dont never let go of your dreams.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to say that, means a lot to me that you like it Anon! Very sweet of you. Wish you'd left your name, because it feels impersonal calling you 'Anon' haha... but I hope you continue to enjoy reading :o) xo