Saturday, 3 March 2012

MW’s Spring Tote for Sport Relief

One of my favourite designers, Matthew Williamson, has collaborated with Sainsbury’s to create a reusable tote bag in aid of Sport Relief

Williamson is well known for his vibrant use of colour and beautiful exotic prints - which is much of the reason why I love him so, me being a bit into bright colour and all; and this bag is no exception. Available in three different complimentary combinations (rose pink/berry, turquoise/indigo or mint/chocolate) the shoppers are emblazoned with a banana leaf print; and will surely give your spring wardrobe a much needed on-trend accessory update. Wear as a handbag, or as a chic shopper for your weekly groceries; it’ll see you through lots of different occasions. 

Priced at a very reasonable and affordable £5, with at least £1.50 of that going directly to Sport Relief, this tote is a MUST HAVE. You can pick one up from many different Sainsbury’s stores nationwide right this very minute. I’d hurry though dolls, because I think they’re set to become the next ‘I’m Not A Plastic Bag’, eventually ending up on ebay months later for oodles more money.  

I’ve got my eye on a pretty rose pink number; really hope I bag myself one in time...


  1. Wow I really love the ideology behind your blog! It's something I've been thinking about a lot and some bloggers and I are hoping to encourage others to do (project to be announced soon with more text-based posts). And thank you for the sweet comment- it's an honor to have you as a reader (seriously).

    Have you heard of Honest By by Bruno Pieters? It's really great: sustainability and transparency throughout the entire process of creating clothes:

  2. Thank you so much Sam! Really means a lot that you like it :D

    Great, can't wait to see what you do - I'd love to be involved if what I'm doing will link in at all?

    No I hadn't, just taken a look now and what they do looks really good. I'll definitely blog about that soon, thanks for sharing!


  3. These are really lovely prints on the totes, and with the added benefit that there is a donation going to Sport relief! Did you manage to pick yourself one up? We've only got a very small Sainsburys local near us and unfortunately they didn't stock them as much as I kept my eyes out for them!

  4. I know they're great aren't they?! Bargain too! No we don't have a big Sainsbury's either, and I forgot to ask mum to pick me one up! Oops... really don't need anymore clothes/bags/shoes in the next decade though to be honest. xo